Founded in 2009, FirePine Group, LLC (“FirePine”) invests in special situations requiring structured capital and operational catalysts, with a particular focus in the rapidly transforming, branded retail-consumer product industry. Using algorithmic, technological, marketing and cultural change, FirePine helps companies formulate and apply bespoke, data-driven long-term solutions in a consensus-driven process. With expertise in growth and distress, FirePine leverages a proprietary valuation system to focus first on defining or redefining core value and then harvesting it through customer analytics with an integrated marketing strategy and a comprehensive assessment of operational process flow.

A flexible mandate and broad experience set allows for FirePine to invest in creative securities and forge symbiotic solutions with a diverse set of partners, including entrepreneurs, regulated lending institutions, workout groups, activist hedge funds and control and non-control equity investors.  FirePine’s investor base has included some of the world’s most sophisticated investors and family offices.

Critical to our success is the ability to marry data with operations and people with strategy.  We deliver both capital and change at important inflection points in a company’s life, and always with a long-term outlook.  We have a holistic view on the meaning of positive returns and impact.

With a well-documented investment and operating track record, and a reputation for fair dealing and straight talk, FirePine empowers businesses and their principals to author and then execute the strategies necessary to leverage core strength into future growth.  We excel in change management, and our involvement attracts smart operating resources and smart capital experienced in innovation.  In select circumstances, FirePine will invest time without capital.

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